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Decision making

The members in the Assembly and the Board are representatives from our municipalities.

The Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the Regional Council. The member municipalities elect representatives to the Assembly for a period of four years, the time between local elections.

The number of representatives and voting rights are laid down in the Council´s charter on the basis of population numbers. We have 61 members in our Assembly.

The local Government Act means that the composition of the Assembly has to correspond to the strength political parties in the region. Only Councillors of the member municipalities can be members in the Assembly of the Regional Council. The Assembly normally convenes twice a year. Mr Roope Lehto is the Chairman of the Assembly.

The executive and administrative body of the Regional Council is the Board. Its members are elected by the Assembly along party lines to be politically representative of the region. The Boards cinvene at least once a month.

The Region Mayor Ms Anna-Mari Ahonen has responsibility of leading the Regional Council on operational level. She leads regional development activities in the region and works as a supervisor of the interests of the member municipalities.

The Region Mayor has a central role, in cooperation with the president of the Regional Council, Ms Sofia Vikman, in dealing with the international contacts and policies of the region. The Region Mayor also is a central person converning networking of the region, acting as an initiative taker and the chairperson in networking sessions.