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Regional promotion

The goal of influencing and promoting is the success and competitiveness of the region.

The goal of influencing and promoting is the success and competitiveness of the region.

Accelerating reforms, securing project resources, increasing the economic growth of the region and the conditions for a good life for the inhabitants are examples of the key priorities of our work.

We cooperate together with our municipalities, companies, organizations, educators, state administration representatives and constituency MPs.

The targets are, in particular, Parliament, Finland´s government and the national authorities. EU lobbying is carried out directly on the spot in Brussels, assisted by The Tampere Region EU Office.

The regional board annually confirms the region´s budget targets for the state budget for the following year and the government program targets for each election period.

The objectives place particular emphasis on the need for appropriations to strengthen know-how and attractiveness, measures to promote carbon neutrality and transport investments.

Promoting goals often requires multi-year and multi-stage work as well as extensive cooperation.


  • Region Mayor Mr Esa Halme

    I am the leader of the Council of the Tampere Region, the region´s promotion and cooperation in Europe and Finland. My goal is a sustainably successful international Tampere region. I am responsible for our results to the Regional Assembly and the Board.

  • Director, Tampere Region, Regional Reform Mr Jukka Alasentie

    I am responsible for regional development planning and financing of development projects. Our Council also supports the regional developers by promoting their cooperation. I promote the interests of the region both in Finland and in the European Union.