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The Council of Tampere Region

Towards the success and competitiveness of our region.

Developing the region to the future

The Council of Tampere Region operates as a regional development and regional planning authority.

We pursue the interests of the region, our 23 municipalities, inhabitants and businesses and carry out research, planning and analyses. We promote the region´s interests nationally and internationally.

We also coordinate the cooperation between the various actors and influences within the region. The emphasis in regional planning and other regional development is on vision and strategic matters.

If you want to have the whole information about us and our tasks and goals, please go to our Finnish site.

Tampere Region in Europe

There are 19 regions in Finland. Tampere Region has the second largest population in Finland (532 671 inhabitants in 31.12.2022).

More than nine per cent of the Finnish population is living in the Tampere region.

The area covers about four percent of the Finland´s land area.